Local veteran receives honorary HS diploma

By Ben Woods

Linden-Kildare Interim Superintendent Roger Hailey and Linden-Kildare High School principal Keri Winters presented Vietnam Veteran Hoss May with an honorary high school diploma and perfect attendance award at his home last Tuesday. 
“My favorite day of the year is presenting graduating seniors with their high school diploma. This was awesome to have the ability to reward someone for the sacrifices that they made for their country. It was an honor to meet Mr. May and be able to present him with his high school diploma,” said Winters. 
May left Linden-Kildare in December of 1965 to serve in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. 
May was unable to finish school and obtained his GED in the hospital after he was wounded. 
May would have graduated in the class of 1966. 
“After all Mr. May has done to serve his country, we were honored to present him with an honorary high school diploma and perfect attendance award. It was the least we could do for him since he left high school to serve in the military,” said Linden-Kildare Curriculum Director Mary Dowd.

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