Linden may consider changes to water rates

By Ben Woods

The Linden water system is aging and beginning to suffer major parts failures. 
One of the most recent repairs involved the city replacing a water pump that cost $20,000.
The Linden City Council will be reviewing possible water rate changes in the near future, according to a recent column for the Sun from City Administrator Bob Swisher. 
“We will try to keep the impact as minimal as possible, but it is time to make the system pay its way so that city funds can be used for city responsibilities (streets, parks etc.),” Swisher wrote. 
The cost of repairing the water system is putting a major strain on the city’s budget and manpower. 
“Some employees from the general budget are spending significant amounts of time on water issues, but the cost is not on the water budget,” Swisher wrote. His entire column covering a range of happenings and issues in Linden can be found on Page 2.
The city has been waiting on a USDA grant to come through to replace water mains in the downtown area.

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