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From time to time, it’s probably a good idea to keep you up to date on the various programs and services that L-KCISD provides. Like all businesses, the education business must constantly watch its finances and operations. We are proud to say that L-KCISD is in fine shape financially. This past year, the district was able to put about $150,000 back into its fund balance. In order to put money back at the end of the year, a district must operate in such a way that serves students and staff but at the same time is mindful of its spending. We are also proud to let you know that we had a clean audit that included receiving a perfect score of “100” on the statewide financial accountability system the state uses for school districts. 
From an academic standpoint, we have also performed well. On the most recent accountability system, L-K received seven distinctions, which were the most in Cass County. We also performed well in comparison to other schools in our area in regards to the controversial A-F accountability system that the state recently released. Along with our strong academic performance, we have a multitude of programs and class offerings. At the high school level, we offer 39 core academic hours in dual credit courses. We also offer an additional 16 dual credit hours in nursing, and nine more in welding. We have Texas Workforce Commission Certification programs in welding, law enforcement, nursing, pharmacy assistant, Microsoft office systems and floral design. 
Next year, through a grant of about $70,000 from the Texas Workforce Commission, we will be adding a commercial kitchen that will allow our students to take the culinary arts program that will also eventually lead to another certification option. We have a competitive STEM program that allows students to compete against other schools in robotics competitions. These are not “fighting” robots but industrial-based machines that perform many industrial-based tasks that real robots perform in industries across the world. The robots have to be programmed to push, pull, carry and many other functions -- all in the correct direction and all at a functional speed!  
From an extra-curricular program standpoint we offer several ways that students can get involved at the high school level such as football, basketball, power lifting, golf, tennis, track, cross country and baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, cross country, tennis, golf, track and powerlifting. For students who enjoy fine arts, we have a marching band along with a theatre arts program, both of which perform at the junior high and high school level. We have one of the best agricultural programs in NE Texas with students involved in mechanical and animal science, horticultural programs and projects. Our Deca program is very successful as every year we send students to competition at the state and national levels.  
At the junior high our students won this year’s UIL academic competition. Also at the junior high school we have been able to add a STEM program that includes competitive robotics. Our junior high students can participate in football, basketball, cross-country and track, in boys’ sports programs and volleyball, basketball, cross country, and track on the girls’ side. We also offer the Kick Start for Kids program that teaches students the value of respect for others. Kick Start also helps to improve student self-esteem through martial arts.  We have a junior high choir and band and this year we added back the junior high theater arts program.  
We are proud of our elementary and of the programs that we have to offer there as well. For the first time in several years we have included a way for parents to get involved. Our parents and staff together have formed P.A.W.S. (Parents Assisting With Students) as a way of creating ways to make our elementary the best it can be! Our elementary finished second in this year’s UIL Academic Competition. We have added scheduled classes for the Gifted and Talented Program to the school’s curriculum to address the needs of those students who qualify. The Kick Start for Kids program continues to be a program of big interest for our elementary students as well.  
District-wide, we have added a dyslexia coordinator this year. We have many students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and we have created a time for them to receive additional support from a Scottish-Rite trained therapist. We also have the Response to Intervention Program, which helps to identify all students who struggle academically. This program helps to really hone in on reasons that students struggle and then it helps to create a plan to address these needs. We have a great Special Education Program that allows us to address needs of students who have disabilities.  
All of these program offerings continue to provide our students with the academic foundation that will help them to be successful later in life. In the next article we will continue to look at the different services and programs that L-KCISD offers to our students and to our community.
We want to congratulate our boys’ basketball team on a great season. The boys qualified for the state playoffs and while they came up a little short in the bi-district game against Big Sandy, we want Coach Gaston and his boys to know that we are proud of them for their work this year.
I would like to close with a brief recognition of longtime L-KCISD Superintendent, W.A. Parker. Since my arrival to L-K I couldn’t count the number of times that I have heard Mr. Parker’s name mentioned. It’s always followed by some type of superlative regarding his love and passion for L-KCISD. We are thankful for the legacy that Mr. Parker left our district. We strive daily in hopes that our district would reflect positively on the Linden and Kildare communities in a way that would make Mr. Parker proud. 
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the district. We will see you next time.

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