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TC referendum: More socialization, less freedom
Dear editor,
In my opinion, there are many obvious reasons to vote no to the Texarkana College (TC) Referendum such as the money is not guaranteed to be used in Cass County, but will go into the TC “general fund” and the fact that the referendum actually does not guarantee a campus will be built in Cass County. 
However, I would like to highlight some slightly less obvious, but just as important, reasons why this referendum is fundamentally unsound.
The TC referendum is a classic example of the ever growing socialization of our great institutions, as the lines between the public and private sectors become blurred. 
The resulting inevitable unintended consequences, however obvious they may be, will be downplayed or ignored, despite the fact more harm will result than any positive outcome.
This referendum is taxation without representation. As contributing members to the monetary well-being of TC, will taxpayers have a say in the affairs of TC like shareholders of a business? 
Will tax payers be able to vote for school board members like they do in their local school districts? 
In fact, TC holds the right to increase this tax [rate] by as much as 8 percent every year without our consent. 
Instead of contributing wonderful charitable donations to the school of your choice, you will give it to TC. Perhaps TC could name a museum in honor of the taxpayer!
This referendum undermines economic freedom and the premise of competition in the educational market. 
This taxpayer-funded subsidy will remove any incentive for TC to cut unnecessary costs and lower tuition for all students. Additionally, it gives TC an unfair financial monopoly over privately funded vocational schools who must be efficient with their money. 
Freedom implies an opportunity to succeed or fail. So, the price of limiting TC’s ability to fail financially is the limiting of privately funded school’s ability to succeed. 
This tax will place an unfair burden on residents that choose to attend other colleges or just not to attend college at all. 
Many middle and lower income families cannot afford to pay taxes towards our local schools, and now TC, while also sending their children to schools of their own choice. 
Much like Obamacare is doing to medicine, freedom of choice will become available only to the elite and wealthy.
Some of the great captains of industry and science bear witness to what is possible when seemingly uneducated people, albeit, with great character and work ethic, take advantage of the fruits of liberty. 
Henry Ford only completed the eighth grade. Harvey Firestone completed high school. 
Thomas Edison was home schooled. Orville and Wilbur Wright attended high school, but did not earn diplomas. 
Ironically, George Washington Carver, a black man born into slavery and despite continued racism, earned a bachelors and masters degree from Iowa State, all without taxpayer assistance. 
Alas, we continue to trade our hard earned heritage of freedom for false attempts at economic security.
Clarke Noble

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