Vote “Yes” for L-K Bonds

By Bobby Horn Jr.
Ben Franklin once observed, “In this world nothing can be said to be cer­tain, except death and taxes.” With all due respect to the distinguished gentleman from Pennsylvania, but I would add one more to that certainty- politics. Af­ter all you can’t talk taxes (or money) with­out talking politics. 
This November elec­tion cycle the big­gest issue is not which megalomaniac gets to live in the White House but how our property taxes will be impacted by two lo­cal referendums. 
Voters will get to de­cide whether or not Linden-Kildare CISD is allowed to issue $7.9 million in bonds “for the construction, acquisition, renovation and equipment of school buildings in the dis­trict and the purchase of technology” (their words). If approved the school district would have to raise property taxes to pay off the bonds. 
Whenever voters have to decide to follow an action that would lead to higher taxes, there is one question that must be asked: Does the benefit outweigh this cost? If the answer is yes, then it’s a no-brainer. If the answer is no or equal, then a “no” vote makes sense. 
The benefits of the schoolhouse bonds outweigh the costs. 
It is the obligation of every district to pro­vide the best educational opportunity that it can—and this takes money. I’m not talking about wasteful spending, but necessities. Every L-K campus needs improvements; whether it be cosmetic, structural or acces­sibility. This cannot be debated. Security up­grades are a must. We live in a time in which schools must take extra steps to ensure the safety of its students and staff. 
Remember, no one thinks that something bad will happen at their school until its does. Then who is blamed- the district. Being pro­active is so much better than being reac­tive. 
If you are interested in seeing economic growth in Linden, then support your schools. I may not be an expert in urban planning but even I know good, safe schools is a sell­ing point for any outside investor and family looking for a place to relocate. 
In the simplest terms, vote “For” Lin­den-Kildare bonds. 
My response to the Texarkana College an­nexation is more complicated. 
Obviously, Texarkana College (and the TC Foundation) is spending money with the newspaper based on the number of adver­tisements over the last few months. So, if I write “vote yes” then I must be a sellout. However, if I write “vote no” then I am kow­towing to the anti-tax crowd. 
So what do I do? The easiest thing to do is write nothing. But oftentimes the easiest thing to do is not always the right thing to do and I have I have to at myself in the mirror each day. 
So what do I think? If you can only vote for one- vote for LK. If you have the ability to vote for both, go back to the original ques­tion- does the benefit outweigh the cost? 
The worst thing you can do is not vote.

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