Time to end the violence against officers

It’s time for the violence to stop.
The senseless targeting and killing of police officers has to stop. 
We are beginning to look like a third-world country when killing innocent law enforcement personnel in the name of political or social justice becomes commonplace.
None of the police officers who have been killed recently in Dallas or Baton Rouge had anything to do with any of the cases where a police officer was involved in a highly publicized shooting while responding to a call or attempting to make an arrest. Controversial videotapes of several incidents  are the catalyst for much of the violence directed toward police officers.
We agree that any police officer involved in questionable incidents should be scrutinized to the highest degree, and any law enforcement personnel deemed rouge should be held accountable through the justice system. But it’s not up to private citizens in any cases to convict an entire group as a whole -- much less mead out perceived justice by execution.
The overwhelming majority of police officers are dedicated working men and women from the communities they served. They have taken an oath to protect their citizens, their property and their rights. They are our moms, our dads, our sons and our daughters. 
Each time they respond to a call or stop a vehicle, they know there’s always a chance that they are putting themselves in harm’s way. They accept the fact that facing danger comes with the job.
But to be targeted simply because one wears a badge should never be a part of the job.
Sadly, it’s a new reality that needs to stop now.


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