Fixing Politics

By Roy Bale
I’m one of a few people old enough to remembers when American politics was still mostly honorable and honest, compared to the fiasco in the presidential campaigning we are witnessing today. You have to be old to remember that far back. In your wildest imagination, can you visualize J.F.K. or L.B.J. or. Ronald Reagan or Dwight D. Eisenhower acting like the circus that’s taking place today? Not in your wildest dream. No way Jose.
Now this little missive is not about the present day presidential candidates, but rather it’s about the flawed and dishonest political system that has evolved from a once great and honorable system. Man is greedy and power hungry by nature and when the silent majority sits back and lets the select few take control of their vote, you have a situation like what’s happening in America today. First off, I’m going to outline my complaints, then I’m going to tell you how I’m going to repair today’s dishonest political system.
The (vote) today..... We have elections to vote for a new president. Every qualified voter gets to vote once, and the person who garners the most votes wins. Sally Sue receives 51 percent of the votes, and Jim Bob receives 49 percent. So Sally Sue is the win¬ner. Hey, wait a minute, hold your horses. Jim Bob is declared the winner by the mighty silent minority (Super Delegates, etc.). Votes don’t count anymore. You might as well go fishing on Election Day, because you voted for Sally Sue, she received the majority of the votes, but lost out to the loser. Folks, that’s not just my wild imagination sounding off. That’s how today’s flawed American political system works. Or can work, if the silent and subtle political power brokers so choose.
Voters… Votes… Electoral College... Caucuses... Delegates... Super Delegates... Crooked Lobbyists ...The system as used today just stinks to high heavens. We have a system of power-hungry control freaks who manipulate the elections as they please. Case in point. The other day, the late great (grate?) State of LoUiSiAna had their Republican presidential election. Donald Tramp received by far the majority of the votes. Yet the danged crooked politicians who are in total control did not give him one of the delegates votes. The loser was declared the winner. That’s dishonest.
Now that would get my dander up, if I worked hard for a candidate, he won with a big majority of the votes, and the crooked system gave the win to the loser. A presidential candidate can get the majority of the votes, yet be declared the loser. Actually, that has already happened not too many years ago. And it may happen again, sooner than you think.
When I get to be the political boss in America, this is the way we are going to do things, the (Roy Bale Cowboy Way) Campaigning will begin 90 days before the general election, and not before. Anyone caught cheating will get a splinter under one fingernail. There will be only one debate for each party. Primary election will be 30 days before general election. Every state will hold elections on the same day. Top vote-getter will go on to general election. Only one more debate for the Republicat and the Democran candidates. General Election Day, top vote-getter is declared the winner. No manipulating that fact. Dad nab it, I’m going to put the voter back in control of electing the president. Anyone else want that to hap¬pen?
If anyone even says the nasty word “Delegate” an¬other splinter under another fingernail, kind sir. Hold your hand out and be steady. Don’t wince. You earned it. Small punishment for such a dastardly deed. And if anyone is brave enough to even say “Su¬per Delegate,” their punishment will be splinters under both big toe toenails. There may be some sore footed crooked politicians limping around D.C. and whining about my solution to fixing the sorry mess they created. Sweet justice.
I wish it could be fixed that easily. Truly, the system is not honest anymore. Way too often, a few power hungry folks control our election results from be¬hind the scenes, and we are powerless to keep them from stealing our vote. They have made it legal to steal our votes. Anyone have a better solution than mine? Sound off.
President Ronald Reagan said, the scariest words in the English language are; “I’m from the govern¬ment, and I’m here to fix it.”

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