Water Tower is one piece of the puzzle


By Bobby Horn Jr.

Sun Editor


Imagine that you had a jigsaw puzzle. You start to put it together without first looking at the picture on the box to see how the finished product is supposed to look. Sure you might stumble along and find some matching pieces, but you are still missing a final goal.

Now, take that same puzzle, and let several people work on it at the same time, with none of the people looking at the final picture or communicating with the others. What do you get, a couple of sections that may be right in thier own sense but which lack overall cohesion.

That seems to be what is happening in Linden. Many groups, hard at work, but lacking a common vision.

The restoration of the old water tower is a great idea and noble project, but it is only small piece in a larger puzzle.

What is the overall vision for Linden? I don’t think that it could be argued that Linden would not benefit from a tourism trade. Tourism would be such a welcome addition to the community. Consider this, tourism spurs commercial development, which brings more money into the city. One businesses start to open, then the town become more attractive and more people want to live there. With more residents, the school district is destined to grow which means more state funds.

These funds are then used to create more education opportunities for students. Better schools attract more residents, which in turns creates more commercial development.

Imagine this scenario: A family, driving on Highway 59 sees a large billboard directing them toward downtown Linden. As the family approaches they see a brightly painted old-style water tower against the skyline. Parking on the downtown square, the family first stops at the Linden Tourism Bureau office for some brochures and maps. Then they walk through downtown, they stop first at the Linden Historical Museum. Then, they visit the Texas Music Hall of Fame. Hey look, the Linden Public Library is open and the Friends of the Linden Public Library are selling used books to raise money for additional tablets for their patrons.

After touring the museums they stop for a snack at one of the street-side cafes. Then they take pictures of Linden’s famous murals. While shopping at one of the antique stores on the square they pick up a flyer which informs them that tonight is one of the Free Movies in the Park showings, or perhaps it’s the Concert in the Park free concert series.

Anyway, they get to Linden City Park early. They walk through the sculpture garden (not unlike Texarkana’s Serpent Park), then stop at the concession stand for popcorn and drinks. Following the entertainment, they spend the night at one the cute B&Bs near downtown or at a motel on the highway.

When they get home they tell their friends and family about Linden- The Jewel of Northeast Texas.

How is that for one possible vision?

The idea is one concerted effort which draws people together. I propose that a Linden Tourism Bureau be created. Overseeing the bureau is an advisory board comprised of representatives from the City of Linden, the Linden EDC, the Cass County Championship Rodeo, Cass County Historical Society, the Master Gardeners and native plant society, legacy grounds like the DAR and DRT, reunion and church groups, to name a few.

Linden has some wonderful groups, doing great things for the community. Each one of these represents a piece in the puzzle. Working together, with a common goal, things are going to happen in Linden.

By putting together a unified front, we can make Linden the Jewel of Northeast Texas.

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