A time for Thanksgiving

By Bob Money
Linden church of Christ
On Dec. 4, 1619, a group of 39 English settlers arrived at Berkley Plantation on the James River in Virginia. These brave pioneers dedicated that day each succeeding year as an occasion of thanksgiving unto God. 
In 1621, the colony of settlers at Plymouth, Mass., gave special thanks to God for having spared them. They had buried half their small band and at one point their daily ration of corn dwindled to only five grains per person. In 1862, in the midst of the bloody Civil War, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to be an annual national holiday.  Read more in our e-edition:  http://www.etypeservices.com/SWF/LocalUser/Casscounty1//Magazine40529/Full/index.aspx?id=40529
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